About Me

Hello there,

First, thank you for stopping by. I want to introduce myself, my name is Mehreen, I am a 24 year old wife and a mother living in the Sunshine State. I spend most of my time debating with my two year old and when I’m not doing that, I am learning to grow as a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur.

I started my blog at the end of 2017, I was enjoying my role as mother however, I was suffering with post-partum depression. During this time, I wanted to be able to share my thoughts with other mothers. I wanted to create a space, reflecting on raw, unfiltered reality of motherhood. The good, the bad, and the in-between. Thus I created this venue to share my journey through motherhood.

Apart from running my blog, I started my own business in 2019. I am a Social Media Manager. The mantra of my work is to help businesses grow by working on their individual social media accounts, increasing business exposure, and expanding clientele. My work entails creating social profiles, scheduling content for release, working with brands and partnerships on behalf of my clients. The outcome of my work is an increase in clientele, an increase in revenue, and a wider outreach. If you want to know more about my services (click here).

In addition to being a mother, running a blog, and working on being a successful entrepreneur, I am also working on my first children’s book. I’ve always loved writing stories and using storytelling to teach responsibility and positivity to a young audience. I am on a journey to show how influential and successful mothers can be, while being there to raise our children.

In short, it is my goal to be a role model and the greatest example that I can be for my children. Ultimately, my desire is to to show them that through hard work, responsibility, dreaming big, and learning to get up when they fall down, they can accomplish anything. After all, everything that we do is for them.